Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Random Stuff

Well this week's a bust! The best I can hope for at tomorrow's WI is to stay the same! I over ate all weekend. Tried to get back on track yesterday but I went out to dinner and there wasn't much in terms of pts friendly meals on the menu. I tired. I'm gonna be guzzling the water, and I have been getting my exercise, but I don't think it's enough to see a loss at the scale. I am back on track today and have some time this evening, I'm gonna make up some food. I have nothing to take for lunches this week! Usually I take leftovers, but I have been so busy and on the run, that I haven't been making dinner. Tonight, I'm gonna make some stuffed peppers, boil some potatos to make potato salad and I will probably cook up the last chicken breast and throw that in the potato salad for lunch tomorrow.

I will go through my cook books soon to and pick out a few recipies to make up on the weekend. If I'm going to do this, I have to start having good, easy food I can take for lunch!

On the running side of things, my times seem to be getting shorter and shorter, and I LOVE IT! It feels great to say I did a 3km at a 7.1 pace. I can't wait for the race this weekend to see if I can actually do it in at a 7min/km pace! I think I can!

Today's menu:
B-Yogurt, granola(4), banana
S-Orange slices
L-Colslaw salad, with cucumbers, carrots and celery added, a few chickpeas on top, some feta, and greek dressing, rice crakers, pecan caramel square (3) (No idea how it will taste, but that's all I had to grab this morning)
S-Apple, 2 oatmeal cookies (1)
D-Roasted peppers, ground beef, rice, some other kind of veggie

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