Monday, September 24, 2007

Back to normal?

Almost. I think that October is when it will really calm down. Things will get into a routine and I will be good to go.

I had a good weekend. There was a wedding. It was TONS OF FUN!!! I had an amasing time. WW-wise, kinda iffy, but hopefully I can get by with just staying the same. We'll have to see tomorrow. I am proud to say that I got out of bed early on saturday and went for a 5km run knowing that I would need the AP's. The bad part? I haven't tracked all week! My tracker is sitting on my dresser at home, just waiting to be writen in...Oh well. I am hopeing to not see a gain this week, but at least I know why if I do see one.

To answer your question Amy, yes, I am taking the clinic at Slater. I decided that since I am taking this clinic alone, I should go to the location that is closest to me. I was hoping that doing it close to home I would be less stressed about it then I am with the LTR I am doing now at Merivale. However, the clinic hasn't even started yet, and they already have me annoyed! (There was some "confusion" about wheather the clinic runs mondays or tuesdays, and then I got 2 conflicting e-mails about start times.) *Sigh* I am trying to not let it get to me and just go and enjoy the clinic.

Tonight is the last night of the LTR clinic. We are going for a run a then out to dinner. Should be a good time. I've had fun helping Mom with this clinic, but I am ready to move on. I'm finding it too much to go out to Merivale 2 nights a week to run, the commute takes longer then the actual run. But, if asked to, I would probably do it all again!

Well, they usually expect me to do some work while in the office, so I should get back at it...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I have missed you...

Today is the first day in a while that I have been able to get back into my old lunch time habbit. That of reading everyone's blog and then posting my own. And I admit, I have missed you. I have missed reading about what is going on with people, I have missed all the inspiration I get from you all, and I have missed posting. It helps to keep me accountable.

Life is starting to get back on track, I think. I'm hoping that as of next week, life will be somewhat normal, but that may be too much to hope for. Next monday I start the half clinic and I am so looking forward to it! I can't wait! This will be the first clinic that I do "by myself" and I am doing it much closer to home. This means I *might* even haul ass out of bed early to go for the sunday morning group runs, but I still think 8:30 is too early!

I am hoping that WW will fall back into place next week too. I have a wedding this weekend, so I am going to try and save my flex for that. I am thinking I might even get out of bed early and go for a run saturday morning, just so I have the extra points for the day. I will have to see how things go.

Have any of you seen the new "toy" on blogger? The one that lets you watch pictures as they are being posted? If not, check it out! ( It's really cool, and a great way to waste some time, I mean...pass the time. :)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Holy Stress Batman!

It has been a looooonnnnnnggggg week. I worked all week, but wasn't in the office at all. I have been running here and there to different clients. It was quite a week and I am so glad for the weekend to be here. One more week of insaneness before things calm back down and go back to normal. Then hopefully I will be able to concentrait more on WW. I also start my training for the half marathon on the 24th, so hopefully that will get me going again. I still have to build up to be able to start that. When things calm down, I should be able to be get back into blogging more often.

Have a great OP week!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I was at WW tonight and the topic was goals. How important they are, and how they help you get to where you want to go. It got me thinking, I haven't sat down and thought about my goals in a while. I decided that tonight was as good a time as any and that this was a great place to write them up. So here we go.

Running Goals

  1. Dream Goal: Run a marathon, or even an ultra-marathon

  2. Season Goal: Complete the half-marathon clinic and the associated race

  3. September Goal: Build up my running so I can make it through the clinic. This means running 3 to 4 times per week.

Weight Loss Goals

  1. Ultimate Goal: Make it to lifetime and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

  2. Christmas Goal: Be below 200 lbs once and for all before christmas

  3. This weeks Goal: Have 7 completely OP days. Stay the same for my WI next week.