Thursday, May 31, 2007


I was out this evening, running the roads, tons of things to do. The plan was to do my running around, then go home and eat dinner. Well, that didn't quite happen...I was at Wal-mart, and of course there was a McDonalds there. At this point, I was getting hungry. So I said that I would do my shopping, if I still wanted mcD's then I would go. Well I did, and I went. I had 2 chicken fajitas, fries, and a pop. As I was sitting there, all of the people sitting there were huge. It made me feel gross. I threw out half of my fries. I don't think I will be going back there any time soon. I got that stupid craving out of my system.

On the bright side, I lossed 1lb at WW this week!

Well, I'm off to pack for the Weekend to End Breast Cancer!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hurray for Hump Day!

Well, my plan hasn't quite worked out as I hopped, but I don't think it's that bad. I have been drinking my water (3L on avg a day), and biking to work (my legs hurt). I did go running on monday, but didn't make it to the gym on tuesday like I said I would. I think I need a break. Going running tonight, I'm going to the gym tomorrow after my WI.

This weekend is going to be insane. I'm working with the weekend to end breast cancer. Gonna be really busy, but it should be a blast!

Monday, May 28, 2007

The BIG Race

Saturday was the big day. My goal was to run the 10km in 70 min, so at a 7min/km. That's really fast for me. I've been averging 7.5 to 7.3 min/km. I didn't quite make my goal, but I'm ok with that. I did it in 72 min!! I'm pretty excited about that!

In terms of WW for the weekend, it was ok. It wasn't great, but it wasn't horrible. We had chinesse food after the race, I had a little taste of everything, and that's it. I didn't go back for seconds. So that's good. Sunday, I had a serious case of the munchies while dinner was cooking, so instead of having the pizza my roommate offered me, I had an oatmeal square. That was good too. I didn't do too much exercise this weekend, taking it easy becasue of the race. I didn't go to the gym on friday, I ran on saturday, then sunday I did some walking.

Everything is lining up well for this week. I started biking into work today, took me 20 min. I plan on biking in everyday this week, running tonight, wednesday and probably friday. I'm gonna go to the gym on tuesday and wednesday. I'll probably just bike there right after work, save me some time, I won't have to do a warm-up.

As for todays menu, it's looking ok:
B-Banana, honey-nut cheerios(2), milk
L-Pork, couscous, colslaw
S-Pear, cheese
D-Probably some pizza, with veggies

AP's-40min bike ride, 3km run

Friday, May 25, 2007

No big suprise...

I gained last night.

I knew it was coming, but I still wasn't ready for it. It was really hard to see the numbers going up. This is not what I want. Why do we sabotage our efforts? I knew on the weekend that I didn't really need those nachos and cheese. But I got them anyway, because they were there. They didn't fill me up, infact, ended up spending even more money becasue and hour later I was hungry again. Why take the nachos? Why not have gone straight to the healthier, more filling options? (In this case it was chilli) What was the point of the nachos? Yeah they tasted good, but it's 4 days later and I'm still thinking about how I shouldn't have had them.

Even thought I know exactly what I did wrong this week, and I pretty much expected to gain, I was not prepared to see the numbers go up. I found it so disheartining. My first reaction was "I will never be able to do this, it doesn't matter what I do, I still gain", say the typical self-pity things. Then I stopped myself and said "wait a minute, you can't expect to loose after the poor choices that were made over the weekend". The program works, but only if you work it! You can't expect to be able to eat junk all week and see a loose, if you could, there would be alot more skinny people out there!

So this week, I am back on track. No more self-pity. I have to work for the results that I want. I am ready to see one-derland!

My plan for the week:
*I will drink all of my water (2-3L a day, even on weekends)
*I will ride my bike to and from work every day (unless major weather issues)
*I will go and do weights at the gym 3 times this week
*I will go for at least 2 3km runs
*I will eat only core foods, and not go over my 35 pts for the non-core foods
*I will make sure that I have quick and easy things availible for lunches
*I will track everything that goes into my mouth

And most importantly...
**I will forgive myself for all my slipups last week. I can't go back and change them, but I can change my attitude and my choices in the future.

On a brighter note
Good luck to all the wonderful ladies racing in Ottawa this weekend! My fellow runners, you motivate me more than you will ever know! I will be out to cheer on the 5km, and cheer in the 1/2 and full marathoners! 10ker's I will be running hard with you!

Good luck to you all!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

WI tonight...

*Sigh* I don't want to WI tonight. I had really high hopes. After seeing a slight gain last week, I had hoped to get things going again and see a loss this week. Well, I pretty much blew it over the weekend! And I just don't think that being good yesterday and today will count for too much, when I didn't do well Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday!! Hopefully I will stay the same. With this week, that's about all I can hope for.

I am back on track now. I spent most of the evening last night cooking. I made some stuffed peppers, some potato salad and a chick pea salad. All core items, which is good, becasue I was severly lacking in core lunch items. I am determined to see a loss next week.

I think the biggest thing that helps me loose is doing weights at the gym. I've been going about twice a week, but running was always taking priority over the gym. After my race this weekend, the gym will become my priority for a while, with running in the back ground.

My total OP menu for today:
B-Chai Latte (made with skim of course!), yogurt, vector (3), banana
L-Potato salad with ham and cheese added, chickpea salad, oatmeal cookies (1)
S-Apple, nuts
D-TBD, I'm thinking I'll grill up some chicken and have some veggies with it.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Random Stuff

Well this week's a bust! The best I can hope for at tomorrow's WI is to stay the same! I over ate all weekend. Tried to get back on track yesterday but I went out to dinner and there wasn't much in terms of pts friendly meals on the menu. I tired. I'm gonna be guzzling the water, and I have been getting my exercise, but I don't think it's enough to see a loss at the scale. I am back on track today and have some time this evening, I'm gonna make up some food. I have nothing to take for lunches this week! Usually I take leftovers, but I have been so busy and on the run, that I haven't been making dinner. Tonight, I'm gonna make some stuffed peppers, boil some potatos to make potato salad and I will probably cook up the last chicken breast and throw that in the potato salad for lunch tomorrow.

I will go through my cook books soon to and pick out a few recipies to make up on the weekend. If I'm going to do this, I have to start having good, easy food I can take for lunch!

On the running side of things, my times seem to be getting shorter and shorter, and I LOVE IT! It feels great to say I did a 3km at a 7.1 pace. I can't wait for the race this weekend to see if I can actually do it in at a 7min/km pace! I think I can!

Today's menu:
B-Yogurt, granola(4), banana
S-Orange slices
L-Colslaw salad, with cucumbers, carrots and celery added, a few chickpeas on top, some feta, and greek dressing, rice crakers, pecan caramel square (3) (No idea how it will taste, but that's all I had to grab this morning)
S-Apple, 2 oatmeal cookies (1)
D-Roasted peppers, ground beef, rice, some other kind of veggie

Monday, May 21, 2007

I did it!!

OMG! I went on my long run last night, and we were supposed to do 12km. We decided to do a 3km loop 4 times. It was raining and not nice out, and my uncle was with us and he's been having back issues, so at least he could stop any time he wanted to. Well, after having done the loop 4 times, I decided that I wanted to do 15km! So I did! I actually did a 15km run, and it felt great!! I felt like I could keep going if I wanted to. It took me about 1h55min. I ran it at a very steady pace of 7.5min/km, which is very good for me.

I'm really happy about it!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Hurray for Fridays!

Finally it's the long weekend! I'm not up to much this weekend, dinner at a friends on saturday (gonna try and make good choices, but I have no idea what's on the menu), sunday afternoon I'm gong to a play, and then for my long run (13km!!!) Monday night it's a big party at the ball game!

I went for a run last night. Didn't leave the house until almost 10pm! Ran a 5km in 36 min, which is awsome for me!! I usually run at a 7.6 pace, that was a 7.2 pace, and I wasn't even trying to go faster.

Today's menu:
B-Yogurt, vector (3), I was going to have a banana, but I forgot it at home :(
S-Apple, cottage cheese
L-Leftover chicken, carrots, cucumbers and celery with italian dressing and feta, cookies (3)
S-Smart Pop Popcorn, will probably have an oatmeal square and the banana I didn't have earlier, after the gym, before grocery shopping
D-Dunno, probably eat out again...

Thursday, May 17, 2007

A few rough days...

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, been going through a bit of an emotional rough patch. On the bright side I would like to say, I DID NO EMOTIONAL EATING! I would have to say the worst thing I did was have a blue menu tv dinner for supper last night, simply because I really wasn't up to cooking. The way I see it, it could have been much, much worse! But things are better now, and I'm good to go! I just hope I at least stay the same at WI tonight.

On to today's menu:
My treat to myself: A skim milk chai latte (gotta love the treats that are core!)
B-Cornflakes (2), milk, banana
S-Apple, nuts
L-Chicken, mixed raw veggies, oil dressing, oatmeal cookies
S-Small bag smart pop popcorn
D-TBD...I'll probably stop at subway while running the roads this evening

I'm gonna try to get in a 5km run tonight, but I don't know when I'm going have time. I might end up going at 9:30 tonight, when I get home. I really want to get out, I didn't make it out yesterday, so I'm itching to get out there....

I want to share my favorite pic that I have taken:

It's a bed of flowers right near the office, now that everything is in bloom, there isn't a single red flower amoung them!

Monday, May 14, 2007

New week, great start

Had a few hiccups over the weekend, but it's a new week, therefor a new begining! I am determined to break the curse of up and down every week at the scale. So far, I'm doing good, 2 weeks in a row of losses! Hopefully I can keep it up!

Monday's Menu:
B-Hot Chocolate (1), vector (4), milk, banana
L-Salad, ham, cheese, dressing, rice crackers, oatmeal cookies
S-Apple, roasted chickpeas
D-Maybe some left overs from Mother's Day dinner, minus the DQ cake of course!

AP's - I plan on hitting the gym when I get home from work.

Here's to a great OP week!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

My Weekend

Apparently weekends aren't my strong point. Didn't do too great this weekend either. Both days were ok, but not great. There was always something, yesterday it was the bread, today it was the DQ cake. I'll just try to not eat the rest of my flex and call it even.

Didn't go running yesterday, instead I went for a 28km bike ride. John came with us and we went alot faster than I normally do. It was a good ride. I didn't go running today either, I was too busy cleaning and cooking for mothers day. But at least it was really good.

I'll be back on track tomorrow. I'm definetly going to the gym tomorrow. Hopefully 4 days off will do my blister some good and I'll be able to run on it pain free as of Tuesday.

To any mothers who may read this, Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Weight Loss

I was updating the excel doc where I record all my WI's and decided to share this graph that I made with you. Shows where I started and how far I've come, and how I struggled to get here!

My Friday

Weigh in last night was awsome! Down 1.8lbs!! This puts me at my weight from before Africa, .7lbs away from a 40lbs loss and 4.2lbs away from my current goal of getting hitting 200!! Oh how I love core! I was on core before the fire and losing tons, after the fire, it just wasn't feasable to do, so I switched to flex and absolutly stuggled to loose. Now I'm back on core and my body is just loving it! I'm hoping to be down to 199lbs by the end of the month. That's 3 weigh in's left. I think I can do it!

Last night, after my run, I did some baking. I made some oatmeal square type things. I eat them for breakfast. It's basically just baked oatmeal, but it's really good. Next time I make it, I'm going to try putting in some apple pieces, and maybe some nuts or raisins. I also made some oatmeal "cookies". Very similar to the bars, but in cookie format. Both are core. Next time I make the cookies, I will probably add some chocolate chips and maybe nuts too, just to give them a bit more of a kick. Count them as 1 pt for 2, depending on how much chocolate I put in. I also made some curry roasted chickpeas. SOOOOO GOOD!! And so easy to make too. I'm going to buy more chickpeas tonight and make more I think (assuming chick peas are still on sale).

Today's menu:
B-Oatmeal Bar, yogurt, cantelop and watermelon
L-Taco salad (salad, taco beef, cheese, salsa), rice crackers, 2 oatmeal cookies
S-Apple, roasted chickpeas
D-Dunno yet, gonna be eating out while doing some running around with John.

I plan on going to the gym tonight, get in a good workout.

PS-Let me know if you want any of the recipes!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Been busy these days

I haven't been getting on here as often as I would like. Like is a little on the hectic side right now. But on the bright side, I have been staying on program, and doing all my running and most of my gym workouts.

My run yesterday was ok. It took alot to actually get out the door, then the moleskin I had for my blister fell off, and I had to stop and pull it off. At least the blister didn't really hurt while I ran. When I got about 3/4 of the way through, I almost triped. My foot sorta twisted to the outside and I almost wiped out. I sat down for a bit, streched it out and then walked for a while. It doesn't hurt anymore, but I was really happy to finish my run yesterday!

After that run, I was able to get up the energy to go to the gym in the evening. I went and did my usual circuit. I'm starting to see a difference in my arms.

Today, I have my WI and then I'm going for a 6km. I'm hoping to get some speed work in. I want to do the race in 1h10, so a pace of 7min/km. Right now I usually run at about a 7.5min/km. I don't know if my goal is too fast thought. I think I will aim for 1h10, but will be happy with 1h15.

Today's menu:
B-French Vanilla (4pts), yogurt, granola (3pts), banana
L-Whole-Wheat pasta, garlic pesto sauce, salad, dressing, pecan square (3pts)
S-Apple, nut mix
D-Don't know yet, I think I might make up some more potato salad, so maybe something with that.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Is it Tuesday already?

Yestday sorta when by in a blur. I went to the gym, got in a good 45 min workout. Then hurried home, ate and then hurried out again.
My menu was pretty good:
B-Hot Chocolate (1pt), vector cereal (3pts), milk
L-Potato salad, ham, cheese, carrots and cucumbers, chocolate eggs (2pts)
D-Morrocan Stew, couscous
S-Java Chip from Starbucks (3pts), rice cakes, cheese and salsa

Today's menu was kinda rushed, I had training this morning, so I bought my lunch, and becasue I have running today, I bought something to have as "dinner" in the early afternoon.
B-Yogurt, vector (3pts)
S-Apple, Green Tea Chiller from Second Cup
L-Chicken Wrap (3pts for the pita), chick pea salad
S-Mixed raw veggies (carrots, celery, cucumber, green peppers)
D-Veggie Sushi
S-??Probably a bagel from Timmies after my run.

Tonights run is 6 hills. I'm sorta looking forward to it, just for the sense of accomplishment that comes from completing them!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Some pics I took

Here are a pics I've taken over the past few days...

My weekend

I was a bad lil' weight watcher this weekend. Oh well, I caught myself and was back on track today...

Friday night I didn't eat until about 9:00, and then had oven pizza, not really core...and I made some pecan bars and had one of those.
Saturday morning, I had toaster pancakes, alone, not too bad, but I had 3 (4.5pts) and some fruit salad. Lunch was good, potatoe salad with some ham and cheese. Dinner was Morrocan stew with couscous. Then we went to a movie and I had popcorn. Had 2 pecan bars.

Not too bad, but still bad! At least I realised it and have gotten back on track.

B-2egg omlet with ham, green peppers and chesse, yogurt
S-Apple, pecan bar (3pts)
D-Spagetti made with whole-wheat pasta, garlic bread (3pts)
S-I'll probably have some frozen yogurt a little later (2pts)

I went for a 12.2 km run today, took 1h33 min. Pretty good run too, except for the huge blister I have on my foot. I was running in new shoes, so I decided to wear my good socks (I even pulled them out of the dirty laundry thinking that if I'm wearing new shoes, I should wear good socks). Well, I guess the socks are getting old, and I have worn through a layer of the sock. There was sock fluff inside and it kept rubbing. I don't think I have every had a blister this big! Oh well, it should get better soon!

Friday, May 4, 2007


I am so tired today! I didn't get to bed until 12:30 last night! It was the condo board meeting, and while I'm not going to get into it, we were there until 11:00! And there was a ton of excitment so when I got home, John and I had to talk about it all, and then Tracy came home and wanted to know what had happened as well. At least I should sleep well tonight!

As for dinner last night, I made some ham, with mashed potatoes (from a box!) and some frozen peas. Not the best, but it was ok. I did manage to get my run in before, that's why dinner was so quick!

Last nights WI went well. I'm down 1.2lbs! So hurray for me! Hopefully this whole being on core will work in my favor and the weight will start coming off again.

Today's menu:
B-Hot Chocolate (1pt), yogurt, vector cereal (2pts), apple
S-Apple sauce, crispy mini's (2pts)
L-Salad with chicken from St-Hubert probably
D-Dunno yet, see what I get while grocery shopping!

I am going to get the stuff to make the Morrocan Stew that Amy posted a few days ago...

I have more pictures to post of flowers that I took yesterday, but I want to play with them in photoshop first, see if I can't get them to look really good.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Happy Thursday!

I'm very happy to report that last night, there were no tim bits, but there was was nuts and granola bar type things, and I didn't have any! Instead I made myself some "nacho's" when I got home (crispy rice cakes with ff-chesse and salsa).

Tonight I plan on running 5km somewhere between WW and the condo board meeting. Gonna be rushed, but maybe that will give me some extra insentive to run faster?

Today's menu:
B-Hot Chocolate (1pt), yougurt, granola (2pts)
S-Apple, cheese
L-Stuffed pepper, salad, ff-dressing, 2 chocolate eggs (1pt)
S-Carrots and green pepper
D-Don't know yet, it will depend on what I can make really quick. I'm thinking ham and something...

Completely off topic, but check out what I did at lunch time today!

Can't seem to get this one in focus though...

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Hills, hills and more hills!

Last night was hill training with the RR clinic. Now I'm not a big fan of hills (who is?), but I am starting to see the advantages of it... While out running longer runs, the hills don't seem as bad as they used to. I can go up them without much difficulty at all. Plus after running 5 hills last night, there was such a sense of accomplishment. As odd as this sounds, I'm looking forward to doing 6 hillls next week, just so that I can say I did it!

I went for an 8km run at lunch today. It was a good run. It took me 65min, but I didn't feel like I was going to die at the end (always good!). Not sure when I'm going to find the time to run 5km tomorrow...between my WI and the condo board meeting in the evening, there isn't much time. And I can't run at lunch because there is no one else in the office. I am thinking I will skip out on the meeting tomorrow and run then. Then go home and have a really quick dinner and shower and then run off to the meeting.

Today's menu is good.
B-Hot Chocolate (1pt), Oatmeal, 1tsp Brown Sugar (0pts)
S-Apple, 2 Twislers
L-Salad with ham and cheese, dressing (2pts), 2 chocolate easter eggs
S-Carrots/Celery/Cucumber and dip
D-??? Probably the piece of fish, some whole-wheat pasta and some sort of veggie.

I have a meeting this eveing and I expect there will be Tim Bits like last time. So, I will sit far away from the donughts (so I can't reach them), and I WILL NOT have any!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Welcome to Core!

Yesterday was my first day on core. I think I made out ok.
My menu:
B-Hot Chocolate (1pt),
Yogurt, Melon, Granola (2pts, I thought it was core when I bought it, now I need to eat it up)
S-Apple and some cheese
L-Home-made baked beans (thanks mom!), carrots, 2 pieces of licorice (2pts)
S-Cucumber, Feta and Red Pepper Dip (1pt)
D-Chicken, Brown Rice Pasta, Oil and Spices sauce, Milk
Then after dinner I caved and had some chocolate eggs (3pts)
But I did go to the gym. So for my first day on core, I finished at having eaten 6pts. Not too bad.

Things should be better today:
B-Hot Chocolate (1pt, some people have their coffee, I have this)
Oatmeal, 1tsp brown sugar (0pts), banana, small glass of milk before leaving home
S-Apple, Rice Cakes (2pts)
L-Stuffed Red Pepper (with ground beef and basmati rice), salad and italian dressing, 2 chocolate eggs (1pt)
D-Asparagus soup, carrots/celery/cucumber and home-made dip (thanks again mom!)

Tonight is my clicnic night, and we are doing 5 hills, so I'm expecting about 8km, so a little over an hour's worth of AP's. Then, I will probably have something from Tim Hortons after my run this evening.

I was supprised at the amount of food I packed in my lunch, but when you figure that I was bringing all 3 meals for today, it doesn't seem like all that much.

I had a 3pt Peanut Butter square and 1/2 bagel after running, putting me at a total of 5pts for the day.