Thursday, May 3, 2007

Happy Thursday!

I'm very happy to report that last night, there were no tim bits, but there was was nuts and granola bar type things, and I didn't have any! Instead I made myself some "nacho's" when I got home (crispy rice cakes with ff-chesse and salsa).

Tonight I plan on running 5km somewhere between WW and the condo board meeting. Gonna be rushed, but maybe that will give me some extra insentive to run faster?

Today's menu:
B-Hot Chocolate (1pt), yougurt, granola (2pts)
S-Apple, cheese
L-Stuffed pepper, salad, ff-dressing, 2 chocolate eggs (1pt)
S-Carrots and green pepper
D-Don't know yet, it will depend on what I can make really quick. I'm thinking ham and something...

Completely off topic, but check out what I did at lunch time today!

Can't seem to get this one in focus though...


Maria said...

Pretty flowers!

I love stuffed peppers - I will have to make those sometime before the weather's too hot for oven-cooking. :)

Anonymous said...

your a busy girl, good for you. i also think the stuffed peppers sound good. :)