Sunday, May 13, 2007

My Weekend

Apparently weekends aren't my strong point. Didn't do too great this weekend either. Both days were ok, but not great. There was always something, yesterday it was the bread, today it was the DQ cake. I'll just try to not eat the rest of my flex and call it even.

Didn't go running yesterday, instead I went for a 28km bike ride. John came with us and we went alot faster than I normally do. It was a good ride. I didn't go running today either, I was too busy cleaning and cooking for mothers day. But at least it was really good.

I'll be back on track tomorrow. I'm definetly going to the gym tomorrow. Hopefully 4 days off will do my blister some good and I'll be able to run on it pain free as of Tuesday.

To any mothers who may read this, Happy Mother's Day!

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