Sunday, May 6, 2007

My weekend

I was a bad lil' weight watcher this weekend. Oh well, I caught myself and was back on track today...

Friday night I didn't eat until about 9:00, and then had oven pizza, not really core...and I made some pecan bars and had one of those.
Saturday morning, I had toaster pancakes, alone, not too bad, but I had 3 (4.5pts) and some fruit salad. Lunch was good, potatoe salad with some ham and cheese. Dinner was Morrocan stew with couscous. Then we went to a movie and I had popcorn. Had 2 pecan bars.

Not too bad, but still bad! At least I realised it and have gotten back on track.

B-2egg omlet with ham, green peppers and chesse, yogurt
S-Apple, pecan bar (3pts)
D-Spagetti made with whole-wheat pasta, garlic bread (3pts)
S-I'll probably have some frozen yogurt a little later (2pts)

I went for a 12.2 km run today, took 1h33 min. Pretty good run too, except for the huge blister I have on my foot. I was running in new shoes, so I decided to wear my good socks (I even pulled them out of the dirty laundry thinking that if I'm wearing new shoes, I should wear good socks). Well, I guess the socks are getting old, and I have worn through a layer of the sock. There was sock fluff inside and it kept rubbing. I don't think I have every had a blister this big! Oh well, it should get better soon!

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Anonymous said...

wow. good for you about the run.