Tuesday, June 5, 2007

What a weekend!

I had a blast at the Weekend to End Breast cancer. It was tons of fun, but also tons of hard work, and two very early mornings! We were up and on a bus ready to leave by 5:30am both days! But it was well worth it, and for a great cause! Didn't really follow WW too much, it's hard when you have no control over the food. But I don't think I did too bad. Most of the choices were good, plus, I spend most of both days running around outside, so I am sure I racked up the AP's. Plus I made myself get back on track yesterday.

Tomorrow night I have a 5km race. It should be good. I haven't done much running since my race last week. I have been biking though. Tonight I hope to make it to the gym. I have to go talk to the people at Toyota, so we'll have to see when that finishes. I'm finding it hard to get the AP's in. I think things will get better next week when I won't be quite as exhausted. I gotta start getting my speed workouts in if I have any hope of bettering my time at the next race!

And Maria, can you add me, so I can read your blog. Pretty please!!

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