Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hump day, already?

Well, I have recomitted. Despite all the challenges I know are coming, I am back on track 100%. It's amasing what a difference meetings make. I just switched from the meetings in Hull, back to my usual Ottawa meeting, and I already see a difference in me (and the meeting was just yesterday!) When I got home, I was hungry and craving pizza. I have a bunch in the freezer, I checked the NI on them, and it's 300cals for 1/4 of the pizza (and I knew I would eat 1/2)!! So instead, I pulled some pitas out of the freezer, added some sauce, ham and cheese, baked them for 5 min and they were awsome! And only 4pts (the rest was all core!!)

Today, I'm back to tracking everything, and measuring stuff too! I'm going to start eating slower too, so that I will stop eating when I'm not hungry anymore. I feel great!!

I was at Walmart last night, and made a great find! They're called Reeses Snacksters. They're 100 cal packs with cereal bits, peanuts and reeses pieces in them. They also have hershy ones!


Today's menu:
B: Yogurt, watermelon, mini-wheats (3)
S: Apple, nuts
L: WW pasta, homemade sauce, carrots, Reese Snackster (2)
S: Celery, PB (2)
D: Don't know yet, I'm thinking chicken, rice, and veggies

AP's: 40 min bike ride (3), 45 min at the gym (3)

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