Monday, June 11, 2007

Back on Track

I had the nasty tendancy of falling off the WW band wagon on weekends. Its usually not too bad but, I tend to not count points, or journal, or stick to core foods. This weekend was too bad, but it still wasn't good. I went for a run on saturday (3km) and then spent 4 hours walking around Rideau Centre to find a dress for all the weddings this summer (I took a picture of it, I will post it when I get home). Sunday, I slept in until noon (and it felt great!). Then I went for a 2 hour bike ride. I have said it before, and I will say it again: Holy Crap John bikes fast! I was peddling close to my max the whole time and he would bike ahead and wait for me a corners. It was nuts! But it made for a great workout!

I went grocery shopping, and got tons on fresh fruit for the week. And uh-oh, John conviced me to try strawberries, and I LIKED THEM!! I might just start eating them! Apparently he's a good influence when it comes to produce, he got me to try pears too, which I now love, and pinapple, it's ok, and I will eat small amounts of it.

I have come to realise that if I want to get my exercie in, I need to plan it. I am trying to come up with a writen plan that I can follow for the summer, but I don't know how well it will work. This is what I have come up with so far:

Monday: Bike (40min)
Tuesday: Bike (40min), Strenght Training (45min)
Wednesday: Bike (40min), Run (various distances, maybe some speed work)
Thursday: Bike (40min), Strenght Training (45min)
Friday: Bike (40min)
Saturday: Run (various distances, basically a long run)
Sunday: Rest

I would kinda like to be doing more running, but I find it really hard to bike to work and then do my running too. I think I will give it a try this week, and see how I feel, and tweak it from there. I am planning on doing a 10km race a month this summer, and my only goals are to 1) beat my previous time (even if only by a second) and 2) run a 10km in 70min before the end of the summer. I just don't know how much training I need to be doing along with the bikeing. (Any comments on this would be appriciated).

Well, I suppose I should be getting back to work now. Have a great monday!

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Wheebs said...

Having a plan is always nice. Yours looks great!