Thursday, August 16, 2007

My Thursday

Today was a boring day. I found out at 9:00 am that work wanted me to go and shadow one of the other girls from the office at one of our Government client site. Because I work in a very casual work place, I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt so I had to boot it home to change and then back to the office, so I could get a drive to downtown. Then I sat around and watched Nat work all day.

I didn't feel like bikeing in today so I drove, and went right to the gym afterwards. I spent 1h30min on the bike and doing weights. That's twice at the gym this week. And I'm planning on going back saturday morning.

Right now I don't feel like bikeing tomorrow, but I am thinking of driving in and going for a 5km run at lunch time. I think I'm getting tired of bikeing. I can't wait for september, when I get a bus pass again.

Take a look at the collage of fireworks pics I made earlier this week:

I think it looks awsome! I bought the frame for $30!! Regularly $60!!


Sonya said...

Wow, I love the firework pics! You did a great job!

Also, congrats on going to the gym twice this week. I have been a lazy bum again.

Anonymous said...

It looks really awesome.