Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday Morning

I had an awsome weekend! Saturday I went and got my hair cut and for a quick trip to the USA. Unfortunatly, there wasn't much going on in terms of getting clothes. Maybe it's because I was in a cheep mood, maybe it was because I didn't have any other girls with me. Either way, I came back with only one running shirt.

I knew it was going to be a day full of food challenges, so I dragged my a$$ to the gym saturday morning and did 1h15 of weights! Then we had lunch at Harvey's, and I only ordered a kids meal, and ended up throwing half the fries out because I wasn't hungry. For dinner we had pizza and I only had 3 pieces (still a little much I know), but I didn't have the one lonely last piece.

Sunday, I spent the afternoon baking. I made mini cookies, blueberry scones (only 2pts and delish!), oatmeal squares (core!) and then some meatloaf for dinner. With dinner we had some bread, and I only ate about half of what I usually have! Still had a little more then I should have, but I'm happy for cutting back!

I'm thinking of changeing WW meetings. I don't like the fact that one week I WI at lunch and one week I WI in the evenings. Things are work are changing, and it looks like I will be downtown 2 days a week, so starting in September, I think I will start going to a Friday lunch meeting. That way at least it will be more consistent. It will depend on what the client thinks of me taking a 45 minute lunch!

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