Wednesday, July 25, 2007

WI last night...

SUCKED!!! I'm up 2lbs. How can I be up 2?? *Sigh*

This week I will track everything, and put the pts values in too, just to make sure I'm not eating more than I think I am.

Today's menu:
B-Raisin Bran(3), milk, raspberries
S-Hot Chocolate(1), apple, cheese
L-Kamut Pasta, pesto sauce, olive oil, carrots
S-Pear, almonds(4)
D-No clue, I'll be running the roads, so we'll see what I can find (probably going to raid Mom or Gramma's fridge)
S-Frozen pudding pops I made last night.

AP's: 40 min bike ride (3), 45 min walk at lunch, run tonight (don't know the distance yet)

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