Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hump Day!!

Going in point form today because....I can!

1. I couldn't return my pants because they didn't have any 12's. I think I will look for a nice belt that I could wear with them, and I should be go for a while. I did buy 2 new spagetti strap tanks though, in Large (as opposed to XL)

2. Didn't get out and get any AP's yesterday. Oh well, I'll make up for it today.

3. My treat last night: a Funky Monkey from Booster Juice (chocolate soy milk, FF frozen yogurt, bananas). So good, and I only got the small size too!

4. I'm defrosting the fridge at work today, and I found a bottle of salad dressing that expred May 2006! Nasty!

Today's Menu:
B-2 Hard boiled eggs (done to perfection!), 2 rice cakes (I'm loving these things!)
S-Apple, handfull of almonds
L-Moroccan Stew, couscous
S-Veggies and hummus
D-Hamburger patty, couscous, squash, salad

AP's: Biking to and from work (40min), Running Room 20 min challenge (althought I will probably be running for about 25 min)

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Anonymous said...

Hey question for you. I believe it was you that had said you had a nice excel spreedsheet for your budget that you were willing to share. Do you still have that? If so could you send it to me at Hopefully it was you, thanks so much. :)