Friday, July 13, 2007

Random Pics

First, here's a shot of the new car, a 2007 Yaris. I did pretty good last night, only stalled it a few times. Take offs are a little bumpy, but getting better!

I know it's not the best shot, but it was raining out and I took it from my balcony. I will post better pictures soon. I promise!

Fairwell Echo, you have served me well these past 3 years. You will be missed!

Next, this is a pic of the necklace Anthony gave me. I think it's beautyful!

No other interesting news, or photos for me.

The detox is going well, still not feeling 100% though.

Today's Menu:
B-2 Rice cakes with almond butter, apple
S-Pear, mixed nuts
L-Left over stir fry
S-Carrots, cucumbers, brocolli, maybe hummus
D-Probably chicken with something


Anonymous said...

Nice car and nice necklace. Rain sounds nice right about now. Too hot!

Heather said...

She's a beaut!

ms.wantab said...

Congrats on your new car and necklace! They look great.