Thursday, July 19, 2007

Detox Day 10

I can't wait for this detox to be over! Yes I feel great, yes it's helping me with WW, but I can't stand the herbal "pills" I have to take! Starting next week, when I'm off the detox, I'm still going to eat the same types of food (whole foods, not processed stuff) because it's basically core, but I am going to start eating/drinking milk products like milk and yogurt. I'm going to try and avoid the cheese, because I was eating WAY TOO MUCH.

For lunch today, I brought some salad, and tuna, but I noticed that my lettus had gone bad! It was nasty. So I walked up to marchello's and got some steamed veggies, roasted zuchini, mashed potatos with veggies, brown rice, and one perogie. It was really good!

Today's menu:
B-Oatmeal, apple
S-Pear, almonds
L-Lots of veggies from Marchello's
D-Dunno, I'll see how I'm feeling when I get home.

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