Monday, July 9, 2007

Gotta get back at it

My pledge to you dear reader:
Seeings how I log on everyday to read other peoples blogs, I will post something everyday. Maybe not much, but at the very least I will post my menu. This will hopefully keep me on track!

The wedding this weekend was great. The bride was beautyful, the groom was hansome, they looked some much in love. WW wise, it was ok. I probably ate too much, drank too much, but I did get alot of dancing in, so it sorta evens out, right? Hopefully tomorrow's WI won't be too bad. On a good note, I have no more parties and what not planned for a little while.

Starting tomorrow, I'm going to be doing a herbal detox program. The food on it is basically core, minus the option of flex points. I am hoping this will give me the kick in the butt I've been looking for.

I start running tonight, nothing big, it's a LTR, but I am looking forward to it.

Today's menu:
B-Hot Chocolate (1), vector cereal (3), milk
S-Apple, nuts
L-Salad, chicken, cheese, dressing (2), cookies (3)
S-Pear, small piece of cheese
D-Dunno yet, something quick and easy.
AP's: running tonight


Heather said...

good luck on the detox, you have to let us know how it goes. I was considering a 7 day detox sometime between now and school starting up.

Anonymous said...

Awe weddings are great when the couple looks so happy. I have two coming up this summer.

Great start to your week :)