Friday, October 12, 2007

Whats new with me...

Not much. I started selling a few of my necklaces at work, and I think I did pretty well for my first day, $45! And a bunch of people saying they would love to see more. So I'm pretty happy about that!

I got rear-ended on wednesday night, while driving home. Nothing overly serious, but it still sucks. It's gonna cost almost $700 to fix the back bumper, and it will take 2 days. At least the guy that hit me realises that it is his fault and has agreed to pay for the damages. So thats good too.

I'm heading to Toronto tonight to go and run the Zoo Run 10km. I'm looking forward to that, it sounds like something a little different in terms of races.

Well, that's pretty much all that's new with me! What's new with you?


Sonya said...

Sorry to hear you got in an accident. I'm glad that the guy is going to pay. - as he should!

That zoo run sounds really fun. I really have to learn how to run. It sounds so fun when I hear all you fellow bloggers talking about it. I did try the couch25k training thing. I only did one day though and thought I was going to die. hum...Maybe it's time I try again.

Anonymous said...

well ya anytime you get rear ended it's the other driver's fault. glad you are ok. have fun at the zoo run.