Friday, October 26, 2007

Finally Friday!

Hurray for fridays! Another week over!

Not much going on this weekend. I have decided that I haven't seen my friends in WAY too long so I'm having some people over this weekend for a card party. Should be a blast! Probably not going to drink too much, so I should be good on the WW front. Plus people aren't coming over until after dinner.

Bad news, my wrists and elbows hurt. It's probably from (a) spending so much time on a computer, and (b) making all those breast cancer pins. Sigh. Hopfully it will go away soon!

In other news, I have been doing pretty good at staying on track all week. Except for the minor slip up called Chinese Food. We ordered out last night. Pizza I can deal with, Chinese, apparently not! Oh well, I drank tons of water today, and I plan on going running tonight. Nothing much (3km), but at least I will be geting out.

I signed up for the Hypo Half in January today. Registration started this week and it's already at over 100 people. It's capped at 300!!! I'm glad I got signed up before it was full! I would have been pretty upset if I couldn't do the half after having trained for it all through December!! On a similar note, I should sign up for the resolution run before it fills up too!

Well, I'm off to finish up at work, before heading out a little early! Have a great weekend!

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