Sunday, April 29, 2007

This weekend

Horrible WW weekend! I ate chips and chocolate and candy! Tonight for dinner I had a stuffed pepper, 2 cabbage rolls, 4 perogies and a huge piece of carrot cake. I feel gross! Tomorrow I'm starting core, and am all ready to get back on track. Hopefully this won't mess up my WI on thursday. I think it's still early enough in the week that I can recover from it.

As for running, on friday I ran home from work. It was a good run, but I forgot how many hills there are on the bike path. Saturday I went to the gym, it was a good workout. The gym is suprisingly empty on Saturday mornings.

I went for a 10km run today. We ran along the bike path next to the transit way. It was a good run. There were a few hills, but they didn't feel that bad. I finally figured out what Steph (the RR leader for the clinic I'm in) means when he says "Push, push, pull, pull" as we go up hills. I think I need new shoes though. One shoe felt like I have no arch support in, and I now have a blister on both feet! I'm gonna go to the drug store tomorrow and see if I can find any of the band-aids made for blisters, and then I'm gonna have to get new shoes!

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Mom said...

Hey Ang - thanks for sending me the link. Just remember I know your run schedule.