Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Went for a run at lunch time today, and it was a personal record! 6km in 44.5 min. It was great, especially considering I ran a 7km hill run last night. Went for a great run into Ottawa, over the Alexandria bridge, in front of Major's Hill park, up Wellington and back across the Portage bridge. It was good.

This evening I went to the gym after work. Had a pretty good workout there too. Was glad that John came to pick me up so that I wouldn't have to walk home. I was pretty tired and my bag was really heavy. We went out to dinner at Joey's seafood.

I had the 3 piece fish sticks and fries, I was really good. Probably not the best choice for the night before WI, but oh well. It tasted great. I'll have to wait and see what comes of it all tomorrow.

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