Friday, April 27, 2007

Last night's run

Last night was my worts. run. ever!

I was gonna go running around my WW meeting, just for a little change of scenery. Well, when I got out side it was raining, and I really, really didn't want to go running in the rain, so I figured I would go to the gym (which happens to be in the same place as my WW meeting). So I go, and get started on the treadmill, going ok.

On my first walk break, I managed to catch the emergency stop cable and pull it out, lost all of the info for what I had already done (time, distance, etc). I get going again, after about 5 min, I almost trip over my sweater that had fallen down. I figured out what it was and let it roll off the end of the treadmill and then just left it on the ground.

A trainer walks by a little later and hands it to me, as I'm putting it back on the railing, I step on the runner that goes along the side, and of course, my one foot stays there, the other one goes flying backwards. I ended up banging my toes, shin and knee on the way down. I was so annoyed with myself that I just left. Didn't even finish my workout!

Plus it was soooo hot in there! I was sweating like a pig, it was really bad.

Oh well, I guess this just goes to prove that I should run outside where there is fresh air!


Maria said...

Hi Angela - just found you through the Awesome 20s board. :) Looks great, welcome to the world of blogging. It's a fab little community!

I'm at:

Amuldoon said...

Heeeeey! Welcome to blogging!

I'm so excited you have a blog. :)

We should hook up for a run someday soon!